How quickly can I get a divorce?

As a leading divorce lawyer in Spartanburg, SC and the upstate, clients frequently ask me how long it takes to get a divorce. Many want it as quickly as possible because they want that part of their lives over and to move on.  As your attorney we will look at all the options and weigh the advantages for timing.  While some divorces in South Carolina take months, others can take over a year. The length of time depends on several things including the procedure for filing for a divorce, the grounds for divorce, whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, how busy the family court is and how the parties and their lawyers handle the divorce.

In South Carolina if the divorce is considered a “no-fault” divorce, there is one year’s continuous separation. In other words, you can’t file for your divorce until you have lived separate and apart from your spouse for one year.  If you are seeking a divorce on fault based grounds, then you can request a final hearing (a trial)  90 days after you file for divorce. In South Carolina, the fault based grounds for divorce are adultery, habitual drug or alcohol use, or physical abuse.

Over the years, I’ve helped clients who rushed their divorce, didn’t cover all the details, and didn’t think ahead as to future consequences of their decisions regarding their children, their finances, and more. Don’t make the mistake of rushing your divorce especially if there are children and financial issues involved. There are very few “second chances” in family court, so make sure you take the time necessary to handle it “right” now matter how badly you want out “right now.”

Experiencing relationship difficulties is hard enough to navigate thru.  You have many questions and concerns and the last thing you need is a lawyer who does not listen or who you feel is not fighting hard enough for your case.  I am here to help.  Call my office and let’s set up an appointment for a free initial consultation. Let’s chat.

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