Does Your Insurance Company Have YOU in Mind After an Accident?

Accidents are unfortunate when they happen.  They can cause not only physical harm but also mental anguish on top of who is responsible for bearing the cost. Many times injured parties have to turn to the insurance company for help, especially after automobile accidents, since auto insurance is mandatory by state law.   Working with the insurance company can be difficult and many times very frustrating.

So do you think the insurance company is extremely easy to work with and speedy with your payout from your accident?  Most times for a large claim the answer is no.  There are 3 ways they will attempt to delay or circumvent a payout.  It starts with the adjuster who is your person of contact from the insurance company.  They are typically highly trained negotiators who work exclusively to minimize the cost to the company. No matter how nice he or she may seem, the adjuster is never your friend. Here are 3 of the ways that adjusters use to reduce your claim, or deny it entirely:

1.   Intentionally drawing out the claims as far as they legally are able to.  The hope is that you will eventually either accept the lowest settlement or give up the claim entirely. There’s also the chance that you’ll miss a key filing deadline and your claim will become invalidated entirely.

2.   Using your words against you. Adjusters can take seemingly innocent questions and turn them against you in court, from the very beginning of the conversation. Answering “I’m fine” when an adjuster asks “how are you?” may be grounds for reducing or dismissing your injury claim, for example. Never speak to an adjuster without speaking to your lawyer first.

3.   Using surveillance. That’s right—your insurer may try to spy on you. Adjusters may try to make surprise visits to your home to catch you in the middle of an activity that they can use to claim your injuries aren’t severe, such as lifting your child or unloading groceries. They may even try to covertly follow you on social media, looking for photos you’ve been tagged in for evidence that they can use against you.

Something else to be aware of is if the adjuster or insurance company suggests you do not need a lawyer after an accident. Nothing could be further from the truth! The insurer knows very well that a skilled personal injury attorney can spot dirty tricks from a mile away. Of course they don’t want you to have an attorney! And that’s exactly why you need an experienced lawyer by your side.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident here in South Carolina, Alan Lazenby of the the Lazenby Law Firm, LLC is here to help you. Attorney Lazenby used to work for insurance companies so he knows how they operate. We believe in standing up for your rights and holding insurance companies accountable for the contracts that they sign, so that you can get the compensation that you’re owed. To talk to us about your legal situation, call us today for a free case consultation at 864-804-5050. Our offices are conveniently located in downtown Spartanburg and we serve the Greenville/Spartanburg areas.

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