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How to Avoid Conflict Over Parenting Time During the Holidays

Around the holidays, people traditionally want to spend time with family and friends celebrating the things they love in life. Keeping a balance can be challenging when you're splitting your parenting time. There are ways to make the best of this tough situation by learning to compromise and/or finding new ways to celebrate old traditions.

Grandparents Have Rights Too

With Thanksgiving behind us, we officially enter the holiday season and more family gatherings are going to be happening.  The holiday season is one of joy but it can also be one of loneliness and pain especially if you can't be with the ones you love.  

How Quickly Can I Get A Divorce

As a leading divorce lawyer in Spartanburg, SC and the upstate, clients frequently ask me how long it takes to get a divorce. Many want it as quickly as possible because they want that part of their lives over and to move on. As your attorney we will look at all the options and weigh the advantages for timing. While some divorces in South Carolina take months, others can take over a year. The length of time depends on several things including the procedure for filing for a divorce, the grounds for divorce, whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, how busy the family court is and how the parties and their lawyers handle the divorce.

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