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How your use of social media can impact your divorce

For many people across South Carolina, combing through social media feeds is something that happens multiple times a day. If you are going through a divorce, you may find that you are relying on your social media connections more than ever to help combat feelings of loneliness or distract yourself from the stress of divorce.

If you are not careful when doing so, however, your actions online can come back to haunt you, and in some cases, they can have a substantial impact on how you fare during divorce proceedings. So, what steps can you take with regard to your use of social media to reduce the impact it may have on your divorce?

Avoid it entirely

Arguably the wisest thing you can do when it comes to using social media during divorce is simply not to use it at all. The pictures, check-ins and statuses you post have the potential to impact your ability to secure alimony and custody, among related considerations, so why take the chance?

Avoid developing a false sense of security

Many people who are navigating their way through divorce think if they simply block their soon-to-be ex from viewing their profiles, they have done their part to protect their privacy. Assuming anything you post online is private is never a good idea, however. Even if your spouse cannot see your profile or posts, chances are, someone he or she knows can, and this person can also provide screenshots of your activities to your former partner. Therefore, you should never assume that your posts are visible only to a specific audience.

Consider the children

As tempting as it might be to hit the town with your friends and take a load off, be wary of how anything you post – or anything your friends post that includes you – might appear to your spouse and his or her legal team. For instance, your spouse may use pictures of you spending late nights at a club as “evidence” that you are an unfit parent, which can potentially impact visitation or custody decisions.

Taking a break from social media entirely until your divorce finalizes is often wise, and this is particularly true if the relationship between you and your spouse is acrimonious.

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