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Sole custody for fathers

It is essential for a father to examine why he wants sole custody. In an ideal situation, children spend time with both parents. Usually, parents decide together on a fair visitation schedule and agree on who acts as the primary caretaker. A typical plan is for the mother to keep the kids during the school year while the father takes them on the weekends. During the summer, parents reverse caretaking roles. Whatever custody arrangement works best for parents and children is generally agreeable to the court, as long as the parents are both reasonably involved in their children's lives.

What are some reasons for fathers to seek sole custody?

Who keeps the house in a divorce?

South Carolina sees its fair share of divorces. In this state alone, 10.9 percent of the population has gone through divorce. 

When divorcing, few matters are as serious as determining who gets to keep the marital home. Every case is different, and it ultimately comes down to who actually wants to keep the house and who can adequately pay for it. 

How your use of social media can impact your divorce

For many people across South Carolina, combing through social media feeds is something that happens multiple times a day. If you are going through a divorce, you may find that you are relying on your social media connections more than ever to help combat feelings of loneliness or distract yourself from the stress of divorce.

If you are not careful when doing so, however, your actions online can come back to haunt you, and in some cases, they can have a substantial impact on how you fare during divorce proceedings. So, what steps can you take with regard to your use of social media to reduce the impact it may have on your divorce?

4 tips for dealing with the financial impact of divorce

Divorce can significantly impact your financial security. When you have to rely on your own income, you may find yourself stretched thin. When you split, your expenses double, including your housing and utility costs. Not to mention you must divide your assets.

So how can you survive the financial storm of divorce and bounce back to a stable situation? Here are some personal finance suggestions you should consider.

Protecting Children With a Prenuptial Agreement

Approximately 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, but this does not signal the end of marriage completely for a person. The United States Census Bureau states that at least 17 percent of U. S. adults have remarried a second time. This is why it’s  important for those remarrying, and who have children to think of, to consider the benefits of getting a prenuptial agreement with their new spouse.

A prenuptial agreement establishes the property and financial rights of each spouse in the event of a divorce, but if there are existing children from a different relationship, a prenup can dictate if they receive property or assets as well. This is especially important if one of the partners dies. A tragedy like this has the potential to create a confusing situation if there isn’t a proper will or prenup in place. Oftentimes, conflict erupts between the children of the deceased and the new spouse and a desperate court battle will ensue in order to figure out what property belongs to who.

How to Avoid Conflict Over Parenting Time During the Holidays

Around the holidays, people traditionally want to spend time with family and friends celebrating the things they love in life. Keeping a balance can be challenging when you're splitting your parenting time. There are ways to make the best of this tough situation by learning to compromise and/or finding new ways to celebrate old traditions.

How Quickly Can I Get A Divorce

As a leading divorce lawyer in Spartanburg, SC and the upstate, clients frequently ask me how long it takes to get a divorce. Many want it as quickly as possible because they want that part of their lives over and to move on. As your attorney we will look at all the options and weigh the advantages for timing. While some divorces in South Carolina take months, others can take over a year. The length of time depends on several things including the procedure for filing for a divorce, the grounds for divorce, whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, how busy the family court is and how the parties and their lawyers handle the divorce.

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