How Marital Property Is Divided in South Carolina

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How Is Marital Property Divided in South Carolina?

Unless you have a prenuptial agreement, all assets and debt accumulated during your marriage are divided equitably with your spouse, with the exception of gifts and inheritances. Even if an asset is held in your name only, such as a retirement savings account, it is considered marital property if it was accumulated during the marriage.

Equitably usually means 50-50, though a judge may determine that another arrangement (such as 45-55) is equitable in your case. For example, if one spouse used their separate property assets to help support the other, it can affect how property is divided. However, the split will still probably not be far from 50-50.

Assets you owned prior to your marriage are generally yours to keep, but there are exceptions. For example, a home or a business that you owned prior to your marriage may include a mix of separate and marital property, depending on your spouse's contribution.

Does Fault Affect Marital Property Division?

Fault grounds normally do not affect marital property division.

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