When Child Custody and Support Can Be Changed

Child custody and support orders are based on your situation at a particular point in time. If your situation changes in the future, those orders can be modified.

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When Can Child Custody and Visitation Be Changed in South Carolina?

The following are examples of times when a child custody and visitation order can be changed in South Carolina:

  • When a parent wishes to relocate
  • When a parent's living situation affects a child's well-being
  • Drug abuse by a parent
  • When a child is not doing well in school
  • When a custodial parent is denying the other parent's visitation rights
  • When an older child wishes to live with the other parent

When Can Child Support Be Changed in South Carolina?

You can seek a reduction in child support payments for the following reasons:

  • Losing your job through no fault of your own.
  • Making substantially less money.
  • A child you were supporting now lives with you
  • A medical condition limits your ability to work
  • A child finishes high school
  • A child joins the military

You can seek an increase in child support for the following reasons:

  • Your child care costs or needs have increased
  • The payer of support makes substantially more money
  • You lost your job or make significantly less
  • A medical condition limits your ability to work
  • You have an additional child to support from the noncustodial parent
  • A child with the same custodial parent is now living with you

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