Serving Families in Upstate South Carolina

No two families have the same members, the same property or the same circumstances. Yet many lawyers take a cookie-cutter approach to legal issues such as divorce and child custody. This often results in an outcome that does not fit anyone.

At Lazenby Law Firm LLC, we craft our legal services to meet the specific needs, circumstance and desires of our clients. We can't guarantee that you will receive everything you want. However, we promise that we will listen carefully to your goals and help you achieve everything that is possible under South Carolina law.

Our law office is in Spartanburg, and we serve clients throughout Upstate South Carolina, including Greenville, Anderson and Rock Hill. Call 864-707-0201 for an initial consultation.

Learn more about family law legal services:

  • Divorce: Attorney Alan Lazenby will help you navigate the sometimes complicated divorce process.
  • Separate maintenance agreements: In South Carolina, you and your spouse must live apart for 12 months unless you are pursuing a divorce on a fault ground.
  • Child custody: Child custody and visitation are often the most contentious issues in divorce. The Court is more interested in the child's best interests rather than what the parents want.
  • Marital property division: In South Carolina, marital property is usually divided 50-50, or close to 50-50, even if one side was at fault for the breakup of the marriage.
  • Child custody and support modifications: Child custody, visitation and child support can be changed after divorce if your circumstances have changed.

Our mission is to help you get through a difficult time in your life and receive everything you are entitled to under South Carolina law.

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